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“Want a FAST
Positive Energy Boost?”
How would you like to be relaxed, focused, creative, and more intelligent … regardless of what’s happening around you?
Is This Possible?

YES! Here’s why…

  1. Your life is the direct result of what going on in your mind.
  2. So what? Stress, discouragement, worry, and even boredom shut down the higher parts of your brain — the parts that generate positive energy in the form of passion, creativity and excitement!
  3. There’s a GREAT ANSWER: A few minutes each day in the Self Growth Planet is an effortless and very enjoyable way to turn ON your higher brain centers — FAST!


This makes my day…!

Amazing. After only a week I feel deeply invigorated. I now have amazing amounts of resilience, focus and determination. Even the ‘recession’ doesn’t scare me any more. I have an unstoppable feeling regarding building my business and creating my future. Thanks for a great reasonably priced program. I will be part of the Planet forever.”

~~ Carlos Bruno, Toronto, Canada
My business is picking up…

As a senior stock broker, I work under enormous pressure. Thank you for inviting me into the new Self Growth Planet. I have created a very productive new DAILY SUCCESS HABIT…now I listen to a brainwave audio for a few minutes between calls. I’m sure my clients like my new relaxed approach, because my business is picking up very fast. And even my relationship is feeling happier and more fulfilling.”

~~ Stewart Palding, NYC

Welcome to the
Self Growth Planet

The “Ultimate Positive Energy Resource”

Dear Friend,

The SELF GROWTH PLANET  has been called “the ultimate positive energy resource” for a reason. It’s a planet-sized collection of unique tools designed for one purpose — to instantly charge you with positive, dynamic energy.

What do YOU want? More energy? More mind power? More passion and excitement in your life? A higher IQ? More business success, even in the face of the current recession? Higher states of consciousness? Instant stress management? An ability to experience “zone level” thinking?

The answer will amaze and delight you. Are you fascinated by the message of modern science that our brains work through words and messages? That we actually create our reality with our thoughts? Here’s how to put that insight to work…

“Turn on brain-based positive energy…”
The Self Growth Planet IS a huge collection of EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make your brain sizzle with healthy, smart, success-creating energy! This unusual personal development center includes:


  • POSITIVE ENERGY TOOLS – From day one you’ll begin to anchor your mind into success and happiness-creating positive energy.
  • EXCITING MULTI-MEDIA CONTENT – The Planet’s AUDITORIUM is packed with unique self-development tools to keep your visits fresh and interesting (your mind will reward you with positive results.)
  • POWERFUL BRAIN TRAINING –The Planet’s huge BRAIN GYM lets you directly TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to create positive mental states on its own. Rapidly boost your intelligence, mental balance, motivation, memory, focus, enthusiasm and optimism.
Come enjoy it for a full
month – only $1.00

More Relaxed and ‘On’…

I have never experienced anything quite like this before. Even with meditation, I have never gone this deep. I am much more relaxed and ‘on’ thanks to the brain gym training.And with my new daily success practice I am approaching my goals in a more productive way. I highly recommend the Self Growth Planet to anyone who wants to dramatically change their life for the better…”

~~ Martie Tilburry, Perth, Australia
I’m in the ZONE…

I’ve studied with Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Les Brown and Bob Doyle. BUT only the Self Growth Planet has taught me to focus on really getting present…and I’m in the Zone! I no longer worry, my stress is gone, and even my once hopeless (golf) drive has improved.”

~~Jerry Borden
Retired CEO
Monterey, California
Come Experience the Benefits…

    Bob Proctor tells us we “make our own economy,”regardless of what’s happening around us. The key is busting your stress and then reinforcing your positive mind set every day. The Planet’s Self Mastery Auditorium provides an exciting place to do this.
    Extensive written and multi-media “zone-level” training components, including:  guided meditation and visualization, remarkable psi and Gamma brainwave trainings, and the Mind Stretch collection of materials by prominent higher states experts.
    The Planet online Library spans the full range of self mastery, success and personal development topics – and includes inspiring easy-listen audio articles. You won’t find this collection anywhere else!
    Enjoy a collection of unique multi-media prosperity vision movies, and a special collection of audio and printed materials to improve your prosperity and financial success.
    Nearly 100 original brainwave training programs engineered by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler,  long-time pioneer in applied mind power research. These are a quantum leap ahead of anything else available on CDs or the web.
    *Instant Stress Management, *Deep Meditation, *Increased IQ and Emotional intelligence, *Experience Lucid Dreams & OBE, *Achieve Higher Consciousness, *Experience More Focus and Better Memory, *Have Increased Intuition, *Rapid Pain and Headache Control, *Anti-Aging, *Pain Relief, *ADD/ADHD Help, *And much more…


WHY have we included brain training? Because everything you feel, and every action you take, all starts in one place — in your physical brain. Professional brain training reaches right into the source and puts YOU in charge of creating the thoughts and actions that can move your life forward rapidly!

Thousands of peak performance and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of this approach to personal development, peak performance and personal success training.

“Brainwave training strategies improve neuro-psychological processes – including attention, memory, and executive thinking skills. Both randomized controlled studies and case reports have documented the success of these interventions.”

~~ U.S. National Institutes of Health

“There’s a revolution going on. The present era in neuro-science is comparable to the time when Louis Pasteur first found out that germs cause disease.”

~~ Dr. Candice Pert

“Brain training is the medicine of the future.”

~~ Dr. Deepak Chopra
Physician and best-selling author


My wife says I’m much calmer.

This Self Growth Planet is amazing. I do not feel edgy anymore, I have taken up tennis, and even my wife says I am much calmer and more fun to be with. And I am even thinking about starting a new business on the internet. How’s that for a ‘senior’ guy supposed to be over the hill?”

~~ Norm Tucker,
Phoenix, Arizona
Over four decades of research…

Anything Dr. Ammon-Wexler does reflects over four decades of research and experience on the subject of brain power.

She encapsulates highly significant and impressive knowledge and presents it in a straightforward, simple way—so that you and I can reap the benefits.

If you have a desire to move beyond your limitations, this is for you. Invites a major reality shift and shows you the steps to make it happen. With action tips, techniques, concepts and instruction, Dr. Jill backs it all up with solid neurological facts. Highly recommended.”

~~ Michael Angier,
Author of 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead in the World
Founder of


About Dr. Jill Ammon Wexler

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler is a doctor of transformational psychology. From the very beginning of her professional practice, she focused on how our physical brains create our life experiences.

Dr. Ammon-Wexler was one of the first to study how the brains of meditators are different, created one of California’s first brainwave clinics, and was among the handful of pioneer brain/mind researchers who first took mind power training to the corporate world.

She is the co-developer of the Quantum MindPower Gym and the Quantum Mind multi-media training program, and is a personal mind power coach to world-class leaders, performers, entrepreneurs and athletes from around the world.

In addition to over 40 years as a mind power coach, she has taught her S.N.A.P. (Substitute Neural Association Programming) personal power techniques at universities, seminars and corporations. She is the author of twenty books, a novel, and hundreds of articles



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