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  • q-iconDeleting Cookies from a PC?

    Internet Explorer – To delete a specific cookie
    In Microsoft Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    On the General tab, under Temporary Internet files, click Settings, and then click View Files.
    Select the files (cookies) that you want to delete.
    On the File menu, click Delete.
    To delete all cookies
    In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    On the General tab, click Delete Cookies

  • q-iconHow I can download an MP3?

    To download:
       1. Place the cursor over the MP3 icon.
       2. Click the right mouse button.
       3. Select “Save Target As…” from the menu.
       4. Rename and save the file on your desktop. To listen: Click the MP3 icon

  • q-iconHow do I listen to MP3

    To listen to our MP3 streams, you need one of the many audio players that can play MP3 format streams. Our favorite of the free MP3 players is Apple’s iTunes (it plays on Windows too, not just Macintosh). There are also free versions of WinAmp and Real Player: iTunes or WinAmp or Real Player

  • q-iconI can't seem to open my assignment?

    If you don’t already have ADOBE ACROBAT READER on your computer…go get it. You’ll need the FREE “Adobe Acrobat!

  • q-iconHow to create a desktop folder?

    Right click on your desktop, scroll down to new, another window opens, scroll up to folder. The folder was created on your desktop. Just name it: millionaire mind power.

  • q-iconI still need help, what do I do?

    Just email us with your questions, and the questions will be answered each week during the webinar. If it’s emergency then, click to send us a question

  • q-iconCan't print PDF ebook?

    All e-books are tested for printing before delivery. If you experience trouble printing your e-book, whether it will only print one page or no pages, please try these solutions.
    Check your printer’s cable hook up. Make sure the cable from the computer to the printer is secure. Try closing all programs you have open, then shut down your computer. Wait five minutes then restart your computer. Try again.
    You may have a bad Adobe Acrobat Reader.If you downloaded your reader from the Internet, there could have been a glitch in transmission; especially if you use a dial-up connection. Please delete the version on your computer and download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have enough space on your computer to read and print your file? Free up space on your computer. Adobe recommends users have “free space equivalent to 3 times the size of the file that needs to be printed.” To create more space, clean your computer’s cache and temporary files in tools, internet explorer.

  • q-iconHow to whitelist us?

    With unsolicited and unwanted email becoming a larger problem, email services have made their spam filters more stringent. Unfortunately, these tougher guidelines for filtering can cause legitimate emails to be mistaken as spam. To make sure you continue receiving our mailings, we suggest that you follow the instructions below and add us to your whitelist. A whitelist is a list of email addresses that you want to receive email from. Adding an address to your whitelist ensures that email from that address will not be filtered as spam.

  • q-iconHow To Save my PDF ebook?

    Highlight File (top left). When you click, a small window opens. Scroll down and Choose Save As. Another small window pops open. Click on the top small arrow and pick Desktop for the location where you want to save your file (pay attention to where you are saving your file.) Then click the Save button, and you’re done.